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Subfloor Leveling in Sumner, WA

Subfloor Leveling & Subfloor Repair in Sumner

  • Fixing/replacing uneven or weak plywood, slanting floors, and unlevel concrete.
  • Proper, strong subflooring is vital for the success of your new flooring choice.
  • Decades of experience in subfloor repair in Sumner, WA.
  • We can be your one-stop-shop for new flooring and proper installation as well!
  • Call PFI today for a helpful diagnosis and a free estimate at 206-300-3156.

Experienced, honest, and ready to address any subfloor repair needs in Sumner.

Beneath the visible flooring in your home or building lies the subfloor, which must be flat and sturdy for new flooring like hardwood or carpet. If not, it can lead to odd appearances, quicker wear, and safety risks. Before installing new flooring, ensure the subfloor is in top shape, following manufacturer guidelines for leveling. To confirm its strength and flatness, expert inspection after removing the current flooring is essential. If in doubt, reach out to us at Professional Flooring Installations. Whether you need subfloor repairs in Sumner, WA, or surrounding areas, our skilled crew is ready to assist with concrete or plywood repairs.

PFI can repair subfloor issues even if we're not handling the floor installation. Give us a call!

Contact us at (206) 300-3156 for assistance and a NO-COST quote on subfloor tasks. We're flooring and installation experts, also skilled in subfloor repair. Have questions? We're here to help!

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PFI repairs subflooring, filling gaps where others do not

Planning a new flooring replacement or installation but discover your subfloor needs fixing? We handle both flooring installation and subfloor repairs, a service not offered by every company. When your current floor is removed and the contractor halts work due to subfloor issues, count on Professional Flooring Installations in Sumner for reliable subfloor repair services. Here are some of the things we fix:

Concrete's Ups and Downs: Got an old concrete floor? Preparing it before laying new hard flooring may be necessary. If it was previously carpeted, the concrete's imperfections may have been overlooked. We can address specific areas or level the entire floor as needed. Questions? Your flooring specialist can offer answers and possibly provide an early estimate.

Those Noisy Floors: Homes, old or new, may have creaky floors due to loose subflooring, which we can often fix by securing those spots. "Spot fixes" are not always possible though, so it sometimes takes some investigation and work to see if you can escape the removal of significant amounts of flooring.

Wobbly Plywood: Subfloors can expand and twist in the Pacific Northwest, where many homes are built during rainy spells. Before upgrading your floor, we'll address this issue, which may involve sanding bulging areas or using a special product to fill in dips. Once your old floor is removed, our team will work with you to make decisions on what is best or most affordable.


Dipping Floors: Floors that dip or feel squishy can often have water damage or possibly they weren't set up the right way. For water issues, we typically swap out the ruined portion with fresh plywood planks. If the subfloor type is related to the problem, PFI's experts can let you know the cost to switch it.

Slanted or Tilted Floors: These are most common in basements or homes on "post and beam" style bases, subfloor fixes vary based on the flooring type. In basements, we typically level the floors, while for wooden subfloors, we might add plywood to balance or fill depressions.


Ensuring your subfloor is straight and sturdy before installing new flooring like hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl, or carpet is very important for performance and longevity---so you don't waste your money. Though costs and complexity may vary, professional subfloor repair or leveling sets you up for success. Rest assured, our seasoned professionals provide honest assessments and estimates, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

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