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Subfloor Leveling and Subfloor Repair in Seattle

  • Ready to fix squeaky flooring, sloping floors, uneven plywood, uneven concrete, and more!
  • Proper subflooring prolongs the lifespan of your top flooring, saving you money and hassle
  • Skilled technicians who are experienced with subfloor repair in Seattle WA
  • Call PFI today for an assessment of the problem and a free estimate!  206-300-3156

Experienced and Competent Subfloor Repair in Seattle and the Greater Puget Sound

Your home or building has subflooring beneath the floor that you can see. It is like the foundation for the top flooring and it MUST be level and strong in the event of a new flooring installation. If it's damaged or uneven, it can make the top floor look bad and wear out faster---not to mention that it could be unsafe. Fixing the subfloor first ensures your new floor will look great and last longer. Manufacturer specifications insist on their flooring to be within a certain range, but basically, your subfloor must be adequately level. You cannot know the condition of your subfloor until the old flooring is removed, and an experienced professional gets a look at it. You can feel free to call us at Professional Flooring Installations at any stage if you need a little guidance---especially if you have reason to believe there will be a subfloor problem. If you think you might need some sort of subfloor repair service in Seattle or surrounding areas (we work all over the Greater Puget Sound), then PFI is here for you. We have an experienced team and we're ready to handle any subfloor repair and subfloor leveling of concrete, plywood, and more!

No matter what stage your are in, we can step in to repair subflooring situations. Call Today!

Call us at (206) 300-3156 for help and even a FREE estimate on subfloor work. We are a complete flooring company, so we can also help with flooring and installation (we even do full-scale remodeling work). But, if all you need is a licensed contractor to step in and repair your subfloor properly, then we are still prepared to do just that. PFI is here for all your questions and we'd love to help you!

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Not every flooring contractor repairs subflooring, but PFI does!

There are many situations where you may be told that your subfloor is not level (and needs to be leveled), or needs some sort of repair. We are a flooring installation company, and we can offer to fix those issues as a part of a larger job, but not every company can do this. Once the existing flooring is removed (or partially removed) a contractor may tell you that they cannot continue until the subflooring is adequately fixed. Professional Flooring Installations is ready to step in and be your subfloor repair contractor. Here are some of the instances and problems that commonly occur (and that we can help with):

Squeaky Floors: Sometimes, when you walk around, you might hear annoying squeaky sounds. This can be due to nails getting loose or wood rubbing against wood. Of course, you cannot know for sure how big a deal this is until the existing flooring is removed to get a closer look. The fix here CAN be simple and uncostly.

Uneven Areas in Concrete: When you've got an old concrete floor, it often needs a bit of fixing up before putting down new hard flooring. If it used to have carpet, the concrete underneath might not have been perfectly smoothed out because the carpet hides many flaws. In some cases, we can just fix certain spots; other times, the whole area needs leveling.

Soft Spots: If part of your flooring feels soft or bouncy when you step on it---it's an issue. It means some areas of the subfloor might be damaged or rotting.

Uneven or Wavy Surfaces: If your floor looks like it has hills and valleys, that's an uneven subfloor. It can make the installation of new flooring quite difficult.

Water Damage: If there's been a leak or flood, your subfloor might get damaged. This can lead to mold growth, which isn't good for your health.

Cracks or Gaps: Over time, parts of the subfloor can split or move apart. This creates cracks or gaps which can be felt or seen in the finished flooring.


Fixing these issues before adding new hardwood flooring, for instance, is super important. The good news is that once you get subfloor repair or subfloor leveling services, you will be giving your new flooring the chance to be its best and for as long as possible. Just be aware that what it takes to fix a subfloor can vary greatly. Solutions can be simple or very complicated, but our experts have been doing this for decades and will always give you an honest evaluation and quote.

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