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Subfloor repair in Federal Way, WA

Subfloor Leveling and Repair Services in Federal Way

  • Expertly fix or replace uneven or weak plywood, slanting floors, and unlevel concrete.
  • Proper, strong subflooring is crucial for the success of your new flooring choice.
  • Benefit from decades of experience in subfloor repair in Federal Way, WA.
  • Contact PFI today for a helpful diagnosis and a free estimate at 206-300-3156.

Experienced, trustworthy, and prepared to address any subfloor repair needs in Federal Way.

Underneath the flooring you see in your home or building lies the subfloor. When considering new flooring like hardwood or carpet, this underlying support layer needs to be flat and strong. Otherwise, your visible floor might look strange, wear out faster, or even pose safety risks for your family. Before installing a new floor, to ensure the subfloor is in good condition it would be wise. To install new flooring manufacturers have certain guidelines. How can you determine if your subfloor is strong and flat enough for installation? Your current flooring must be removed, and an expert needs to inspect the subfloor to be sure. If you ever have doubts or suspect subfloor issues, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Professional Flooring Installations. Do you already know you need subfloor repairs in Federal Way, WA, or anywhere in Greater Seattle, the Eastside, or Tacoma areas? PFI is here to help. Our skilled team is ready to advise, assess, and manage any subfloor repairs, whether it's concrete or plywood.

PFI can repair subfloor issues independently of floor installation. Give us a Call!

Feel free to give us a call at (206) 300-3156 for help and a free quote on subfloor tasks. We're not only skilled in flooring and installation (yes, we handle major remodeling projects too), but if you need a certified contractor to repair your subfloor correctly, we're up for the job. Have any questions? We're here with answers, and PFI is always eager to lend a hand!

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Federal Way Subfloor Repair
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PFI does flooring and subfloor repair when others may not

Planning a new flooring installation and finding subfloor issues? We're your go-to for both flooring and subfloor repairs. Many companies don't offer this service, but we do. If your contractor halts work due to subfloor problems, we step in to strengthen or level it out. Professional Flooring Installations is your solution for subfloor repair in Federal Way. Here are some common issues we handle:

Concrete's Ups and Downs: Got an old concrete floor? Prep may be needed before laying new hard flooring. If carpet previously covered it, bumps may have been overlooked. We can level specific parts or the whole floor. Have questions? Your flooring specialist can provide answers and possibly an early estimate.

Those Noisy Floors: Homes, old or new, may have floors that creak due to loose subflooring. Identifying this early allows us to secure those spots. While we often resolve this issue, there are instances where the cause is unfixable. We'll keep you informed.


Wobbly Plywood: In the Pacific Northwest, where many homes are built during rainy spells, subfloors can expand and twist. Before your floor upgrade, we address this issue, which may involve sanding bulging areas or using a special mix to fill in dips. Once your old floor is removed, our team will assess the necessary steps.


Dipping Floors: Floors that dip or feel mushy often indicate water damage or improper installation. For water issues, we usually replace the damaged part with fresh plywood. If the subfloor type is the problem, we'll inform you of the cost to switch it.

Slanted or Tilted Floors: Common in basements or homes on "Post and Beam" bases, the fix varies with the flooring type. In basements, we typically level the floors. For wooden subfloors, we might layer plywood to balance things out or fill depressions.


Setting your subfloor straight and strong before installing new hardwood flooring, laminate, luxury vinyl flooring, carpet, etc., is crucial for success and greater flooring longevity. Professional subfloor repair or leveling sets you up for success. Keep in mind that subfloor fixes can vary in cost and complexity. However, our seasoned professionals provide honest assessments and estimates, ensuring accuracy.

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