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Get Waterproof and Resilient Vinyl Flooring in Sumner 

  • A variety of luxury vinyl styles to suit every room in your home.
  • Waterproof flooring that stands up to heavy foot traffic and is pet-proof.
  • Leading LVP and LVT brands with top-notch vinyl installation services in Sumner.
  • Personalized selection of flooring with professional advice for your unique needs.
  • Obtain a complimentary estimate for your luxury vinyl flooring, including installation.

In Sumner, we are chosen for our end-to-end guidance, from flooring selection to installation.

Professional Flooring Installations (PFI) has nearly three decades of experience in the flooring industry, witnessing the surge in luxury vinyl's popularity, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. Its durability and suitability for wet areas have fueled its demand. With a history of successful flooring installations in Sumner, WA, PFI maintains strong ties with leading luxury vinyl manufacturers. We ensure open communication with clients, suppliers, and our skilled installation teams. Choosing PFI means not just getting new, stylish flooring, but also making a smart investment in your home.

Reach out at 206-300-3156 for a complimentary estimate, or fill out our online contact form.

To begin, just call us or use our email contact form and we'll reach back out and work with you to identify your needs. Our "brands" page will give you an idea of all the luxury vinyl flooring options for installation. We both sell and install your flooring, and we are known for our friendly approach. We also perform complete home remodels, so we can move from the floor to kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodel projects, or even complete home renovations. No matter your need, PFI is eager to provide you with a complete estimate, and we cannot wait to work with you!

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Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Sumner
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Complete service from purchasing to installation of luxury vinyl floors in Sumner, WA

PFI regularly installs a range of flooring types, including luxury vinyl, hardwood, and carpet, even combining different types in the same home or building. In the Pacific Northwest, luxury vinyl flooring is ideal due to its waterproof and scratch-resistant features. Imagine hardwood in your living spaces and tile in your bathroom; we can make it happen! But consider luxury vinyl plank and tile options that offer the same stunning look with even greater durability - perfect for busy households with children or pets, practically pet-proof!


We're Professional Flooring Installations, ready to answer all your questions about installing vinyl flooring in Sumner, WA. We assist in selecting the flooring type and designing your installation. Our licensed installers ensure long-lasting enjoyment and a smart investment, showcasing your flooring choice beautifully in every living space. Contact us at (206) 300-3156 or fill out our contact form for a free price estimate and start transforming your home!

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