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  • An experienced team of hardwood flooring installers - truly "elite level!"
  • Quality products sourced from trusted suppliers/brands!
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Quality hardwood flooring products and helpful staff, not to mention expert installers.

As a local, trusted contractor, Professional Flooring Installations is dedicated to assisting consumers in selecting high-quality hardwood flooring (we carry all the major brands) and having it expertly installed. Whether it's engineered or natural hardwood flooring, you're making an important investment, and you simply cannot afford to have a subpar installation mess up your fantastic new floor. With over 40 years in the business, and a strong focus on exceptional customer service, there is likely no better firm in the Puget Sound area for you, the homeowner. PFI is intent on working with professional licensed contractors who will install your flooring from start to finish to manufacturer specifications with both quality and affordability in mind.

PFI gives great pricing on quality product and installation - Get a FREE estimate today!

Call us today (206-300-3156) for a FREE quote on quality products and installation---PFI can show you SO MUCH value. You can even ask about hardwood refinishing services if you have areas of hardwood flooring that simply need to be brought back to life!

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PFI helps you choose hardwood that matches your needs.

PFI is aware that for more than a decade, fine hardwood flooring has stood for elegance. Our high-quality natural hardwood or engineered hardwood installation projects have created many fans among homeowners like you. From the moment you call us, our sales staff is helpful---PFI can always find the perfect product for your space. For you, hardwood dream remodel, get the right color, species, finish, and other attributes, simply by working with our knowledgeable staff! Then the transition to our top-tier installation teams is what really takes it to the next level. We take this approach with our expertise with hardwood flooring but remember: we can help you choose, design, and install practically any type of flooring—some folks even plan a combo installation where we install hardwood flooring and carpet or luxury vinyl in the same plan. 

Natural hardwood flooring vs engineered hardwood flooring: What are the key differences?

What distinguishes engineered hardwood flooring from natural hardwood flooring? To start out answering your question, let's say that solid wood flooring is essentially what natural hardwood is. Engineered hardwood is created by pressing together many layers of actual wood "slices" (as well as other materials). Although natural hardwood is typically more expensive than engineered, you shouldn't assume that natural hardwoods are always "better" than engineered. Prestige is on the natural side, but the main variations are in the homeowner's particular applications and the level of demand the flooring will face.

If you want the look and feel of real hardwood flooring but don't want to deal with a more involved level of maintenance, engineered hardwood flooring is a great option. Compared to engineered hardwood flooring, even some of the best natural hardwood flooring is more prone to scuffing, warping, and other moisture-related issues. You can begin to see how the engineered hardwood might present a better option for areas with more moisture, both geographically AND within the areas of your home. And, once again, it's less expensive, which makes it a nice, solid choice when the budget is a little more limited.

Also, natural hardwood flooring can only be created from a few types of wood, but engineered hardwood can come from many species. But keep in mind that engineered hardwoods can only be sanded and refinished once or twice at most, and by comparison, natural hardwoods can be sanded and finished many times. So, although damage is less likely with the stronger engineered type, you won't have much chance to repair a damaged floor.

Let PFI be your guide. This is just a small sample of the knowledge we can draw on to assist you in selecting the ideal floor covering your requirements, financial situation, and sense of style. For any flooring job anywhere in Western Washington, get in touch with Professional Flooring Installations today!

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