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Carpet & Installation for Warming Your Place

  • Experienced professionals with the skills and knowledge to properly install your carpet.
  • PFI has quality products and materials to ensure a secure and long-lasting installation
  • Carpet installers pay close attention to detail during installation -- precise cuts and stretches
  • We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction with the process and final product.
  • Get a FREE estimate on a quality carpet installation in Kent or anywhere in Western WA!

Your carpet choice requires expert installation to make it last and create value.

The newer carpeting styles frequently use high-performance fibers that are more durable and better able to endure high volumes of foot traffic. However, if the carpet is not laid correctly, it may wear out faster and need to be replaced sooner than expected, which will increase maintenance costs. The foundation of Professional Flooring Installations is a team of highly skilled, certified professionals that will install your flooring according to the manufacturer's guidelines and within your budget. We source a broad variety of carpeting for you to peruse, and we're happy to offer our professional insight and guidance to ensure you find exactly what you're searching for in terms of carpet type and design. Then we get to work making your project a precisely executed one, leaving you with (what seems like) a whole new living space!

PFI gives great quotes on carpeting and a precise install - Get your FREE estimate today!

It begins with a phone call where we can begin to demonstrate our commitment to customer service and our expertise in flooring product choices. We'll get you a free and accurate quote for your new carpeting (plus, any other flooring you might want to be done---we can install hardwood, laminate, and more in the same project if you like). Call us today (206-300-3156). PFI is committed to being a great value.

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Why does PFI believe that proper installation of your carpet is so very important?

Quality installation is important for the newest types of carpeting, just like it is for hard flooring. That's because a proper installation is what sets you up for the carpet to look good, last longer, and keep the warranty intact. Most carpeting manufacturers offer warranties on their products, but these warranties are often null and void if the carpet is not installed correctly by a professional.


Professional Flooring Installations is all about making sure that your carpet is installed well so that you can keep your warranty valid. On top of that, hiring an experienced carpet installation contractor, such as PFI, definitely helps make sure that the carpet is stretched and cut correctly---you want your new investment to lay flat and look smooth. If the carpet isn't installed right it can get ripples and lumps, which are unsightly and costly to repair. We hope that you will think about the style, color, etc. of the carpet AS WELL AS the quality of the installation in Kent, WA, or anywhere else in the Puget Sound area where you need our services.

​​Quality service earns us the very
BEST REVIEWS from customers!
Carpet Installers in Kent, WA
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