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Sumner Kitche Remodel Contractors

Start Your Kitchen Remodel in Sumner with PFI!

  • Update your kitchen and living areas, and upgrade your style and function
  • PFI is a complete kitchen remodel contractor in Sumner WA, with decades of experience
  • The friendliest and most attentive service throughout the process---you deserve it!
  • Redesign your areas, or simply change the look---we will do it all for you.
  • GET A FREE QUOTE and design consultation TODAY!
Natural Hardwood Floor Installers
Kitchen Remodeling in Sumner
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Professional Flooring Installations is a complete kitchen remodel contractor, and more!

For decades, Professional Flooring Installations (PFI) has been serving to remodel entire homes (and kitchens, of course) for style updates, restructuring, and even in readying for a house flip or home sale. We can preserve or change the storage spaces and cabinets, the lighting setup, countertops, and structures like the island and pantry. Everything is available to you for your kitchen remodel in Sumner, and you should customize it all! We will help you and our elite set of skilled craftsmen handle every area of your renewal with expertise and professionalism. All you have to do is give us a call to have us walk through all your needs---from the flooring on up!---then begin recommendations on materials, finishes, and all the possibilities to renew your area and make it the kitchen remodel of your dreams!

We can't wait to help you! Call 206-300-3156 to get your free quote, or send a contact form.

We've completed Sumner kitchen remodeling work many times and can show you our fabulous results. Your next step is to contact us. PFI is eager to provide you with a complete estimate, and we cannot wait to work with you! Call us at 206-300-3156, or fill out a contact form on this page to let us know the scope of your kitchen renewal project and allow us to show you the attitude and ability of a company that wants to work efficiently, and as affordably as possible, to achieve the renewal to add value to your home and your life!

​​Quality service earns us the very
BEST REVIEWS from customers!
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Remodeling Specialist near Sumner, WA
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Let's look at all the hardwood, vinyl, laminate, and carpet options together!

What can PFI do for you and your kitchen renovation in Sumner, WA? What CAN'T we do?!

PFI regularly installs a range of flooring types (it's in the name, right?) like hardwood, tile, luxury vinyl, and more. But, we are a remodeling contractor at heart, so we provide stone countertop needs, custom cabinetry, backsplash tiling, and everything you need for a custom kitchen remodel contractor in Sumner WA. We remodel entire homes as well, so there really isn't a need that we cannot cover---just give us your ideas and we'll set a plan and a budget to make it happen from start to finish! ​ Kitchen renovations alone can make your home feel brand new and your everyday life feel more special. That's why we've dazzled homeowners like you and then been asked to continue on with bathroom remodeling, whole home flooring, painting, wall reconstruction, and more. Let's dream together, and create a vision that gives you all you want at a price you can afford. Then we will manage the whole remodel, keeping in contact to make sure you're comfortable with every step. And, our whole team and network of professionals---not just the general contractor, but everyone you come into contact with---is dedicated to communicating well, listening to you, scheduling for your convenience, and being friendly to you and your home. Contact Kellie and Mike at PFI. Call (206) 300-3156 or fill out our contact form for a free price estimate and let's make your Sumner custom kitchen remodel the talk of the neighborhood!

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