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"Who is PFI, and what makes working with us so special?"

Hi there, I'm Mike, one of the owners of PFI. Since 1992, I have worked as a floor installer in both commercial and residential settings, including remodels and new builds. Installers that are worth their salt are quite rare in my experience of 30 years. Knowing which crews are reliable enough to work on my own house is easy when you've been in the business as long as I have.

Together with my wife Kellie, I established a limited liability company under the name Professional Flooring Installations, LLC. We've focused on bringing together all of these high-caliber service providers/flooring contractors. Our services range from hardwood installation to laminate flooring, and carpet installation to hardwood floor refinishing. We know that changing up your flooring is an expensive project, so we make that investment meaningful with high-quality flooring that is installed to manufacturer's specifications, and we work hard to keep within budget requirements. Our associated contractors are licensed professionals, and we are a company with high standards. All of us at PFI take pride in our alliance with a select, elite group of expert, licensed installers who will place your flooring from start to finish according to manufacturer specifications. We also take great pride in our tidiness, neatness, care, and courtesy toward you, your house, and your possessions.

You really don't want to hire "just anyone" to take your brand new flooring product and "slap it down." For a reasonable price, we give you the certainty that you will be working with a qualified installation expert. We strongly advise receiving three estimates. Just make sure at least one of them is from us! Please contact us for a free estimate today, and you'll also see how wonderful we are to begin working with.

Thanks for reading!


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