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Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Waterproof / Resilient Vinyl Flooring in West Seattle

  • Luxury vinyl styles and looks to fit ANY room in your house
  • This waterproof flooring resists wear from foot traffic and pets--- pet-proof!
  • Top LVP and LVT brands and the best luxury vinyl installers in West Seattle
  • You'll get to choose the perfect flooring and get expert guidance
  • Get a FREE estimate today on luxury vinyl flooring and final installation!

West Seattle chooses us because we guide you from flooring choices to final installation

Our company, Professional Flooring Installations (PFI), is made up of professionals that have been operating for nearly three decades in the field. During that time, we've seen luxury vinyl explode in popularity, especially in the Pacific Northwest. Since that luxury vinyl is durable and can even be used in wet environments, its growing popularity is not surprising. We have a long history of installing vinyl flooring in West Seattle, WA, and we have a proven track record of success. PFI has built solid connections with the industry's top luxury vinyl flooring manufacturers and is dedicated to keeping lines of communication open with you, our suppliers, and our expert installation teams. Not only will you have brand-new, attractive flooring installed in your house, but you will also be making a wise investment in your residence.

Call ( 206-300-3156 ) for a FREE estimate, or start by completing our contact form

To get things rolling, simply give us a phone call or fill out our email contact form. We can contact you to ask you some basic questions about your project and goals. You can also visit our "brands" page to begin selecting a luxury vinyl flooring brand and design for your vinyl tile or vinyl plank installation. We have solid connections within the industry and can secure nearly any product for you---we'll have no problem getting what you need. We take great pride in our reputation for friendliness, expertise, and service. PFI loves getting you a customized quote for a professional installation, and you can count on us to work hard to make your project even better than you expect!

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Luxury Vinyl Flooring in West Seattle
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Let's look at all the hardwood, vinyl, laminate, and carpet options together!

Start to finish, purchase and installation of luxury vinyl floors in West Seattle, WA

Regular installations by PFI include luxury vinyl, hardwood, carpet, and more. Even in the same home or building, we can simultaneously install a variety of flooring types! The Pacific Northwest is the ideal place for luxury vinyl flooring because of its waterproof and scratch-resistant qualities. You may be thinking hardwood in living areas, and tile in the bathroom---and we can do that! But, what if we told you that there are options for luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile flooring that have all of that incredible beauty but can have much greater durability than ever before? Premium vinyl flooring that is scratch-resistant and waterproof, which is perfect for active families, especially those with bigger families, children, or pets--it's pretty much pet-proof!

We are Professional Flooring Installations, and we welcome all your questions in getting set up with the installation of vinyl flooring in West Seattle, WA. We actually help you choose the flooring type/sample, and get your installation designed---we do it all, from start to final installation. For long-lasting enjoyment and a wise investment, our licensed installers will do everything to best display your flooring choice in all your living areas. Call (206) 300-3156 or complete our contact form today to get a FREE price estimate so we can help you renew your home!

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