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Enumclaw Kitche Remodel Contractors

Remodel Your Kitchen in Enumclaw with PFI!

  • Upgrade your kitchen and living areas, enhancing both style and functionality.

  • A full-service kitchen remodel contractor in Enumclaw, with lots of experience.

  • Enjoy the friendly and attentive service throughout your remodeling journey!

  • Whether you're looking for a complete redesign or a style refresh

  • Get a FREE QUOTE and design consultation today! Let's transform your space!

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Kitchen Remodeling in Enumclaw
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Professional Flooring Installations offers complete kitchen remodel services and more!

For decades, Professional Flooring Installations (PFI) has expertly handled complete home and kitchen remodels in Enumclaw, catering to style updates, structural reconfigurations, and preparations for house flips or home sales. Whether you're looking to maintain the classic features of your space or transform it completely, we offer a range of options for storage spaces, cabinets, lighting setups, countertops, key structural elements like islands and pantries, and of course, ANY type of flooring.


PFI encourages you to customize every aspect of your kitchen to suit your tastes. Our team has the expertise and professionalism to manage every detail of your renovation. We will discuss your needs, and recommend the best materials and finishes. Plan your perfect kitchen today!

We can't wait to help you! Call 206-300-3156 to get your free quote, or send a contact form.

We have completed many kitchen remodel projects in Enumclaw. Your next step is simple: reach out to us. PFI is eager to provide an estimate! Call 206-300-3156, or fill out the contact form above to get in touch. Give us the details of your kitchen renovation project with us, and we will demonstrate the commitment and capabilities of a company dedicated to working efficiently and affordably. Let us help enhance your home with a kitchen that truly reflects your needs and style.

​​Quality service earns us the very
BEST REVIEWS from customers!
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Remodeling Specialist near Enumclaw, WA
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Let's look at all the hardwood, vinyl, laminate, and carpet options together!

What can PFI do for you and your kitchen renovation in Enumclaw, WA? What CAN'T we do?!

PFI specializes in a variety of flooring installations—hardwood, tile, luxury vinyl, and more—it’s right there in our name! But at our core, we're comprehensive remodeling contractors. We provide everything you need for a bespoke kitchen remodel in Enumclaw, WA, including stone countertops, custom cabinetry, and backsplash tiling. We don't stop at kitchens; our expertise extends to full home remodels, so there’s no project we can’t tackle. Bring us your ideas, and we’ll create a detailed plan and budget to bring your vision to life from start to finish. Kitchen renovations have a unique way of making your home feel completely renewed, elevating your daily life. Our dedication to quality and attention to detail has impressed numerous homeowners, leading them to request additional services like bathroom remodeling, whole home flooring, painting, and wall reconstruction. Let’s collaborate to design a space that meets all your needs within your budget. We’ll manage the entire remodel, maintaining constant communication to ensure you are comfortable with every phase of the project. Our entire team and network of professionals are committed to excellent communication, listening attentively, accommodating your schedule, and treating both you and your home with respect. Ready to start? Contact Kellie and Mike at PFI. Call us at (206) 300-3156 or fill out our online contact form for a free price estimate, and let’s make your Enumclaw custom kitchen remodel the envy of the neighborhood!

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