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Fast and Easy Hardwood Refinishing in Renton

  • Hardwood refinishing will renew the beauty of your classic wood planks
  • We always make it an easy call--a simple process done to your satisfaction.
  • Dust-free sanding and finish that is water-based to keep away from harmful chemicals
  • Ask about some hardwood floor repairs or new installations of flooring
  • We want to give you FREE quote for hardwood floor refinishing in Renton today!

Low dust, low-odor hardwood refinishing in Renton with experienced professionals

Looking for an easy choice? Professional Flooring Installations (PFI) is here to simplify your hardwood floor refinishing needs. Choose us, and discover just how straightforward, clean, and budget-friendly refreshing your floors can be. Reviving your hardwood is a smart way to get the most out of what you originally spent on your floors, and we at PFI are all about making that process as easy on you as possible.

We’re equipped with special sanding gear that keeps dust under control, we apply water-based finishes that are gentler and don’t leave a strong odor, and we have a team of experienced professionals who treat your space with care. They work quickly and are hand-picked by us because of their history of fabulous results. If you’re in Renton and looking for top-notch hardwood floor refinishing without the fuss, we believe you’re looking for us.

PFI is happy to provide affordable hardwood refinishing - Get a FREE ESTIMATE now!

Ring us up now at 206-300-3156 for a no-cost estimate on our hardwood floor refinishing service. PFI handles all kinds of flooring installations and services, but we get a real kick out of bringing your old floors back to their former glory! Expect nothing less than excellent work at a solidly affordable price. Our team's goal is to make you feel at ease during the whole process and we can't to make you smile at the end result.

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Let's look at all the hardwood, vinyl, laminate, and carpet options together!

PFI has an extensive history with wood refinishing in Renton, but we can also repair or add new sections of flooring, if the need arises.

PFI isn't just about making your floors shine--we are also a full-on remodeling company. So if it's not just a refresh but a repair you need, or maybe you're thinking of adding a brand-new patch of flooring—hardwood, vinyl, or laminate—we've got you covered. Our staff knows floors of all types, and we can help you with fixing up spots or swapping out sections, and ensuring everything looks seamless. Because we install and replace flooring all the time, we can be the best bet for those tricky times when you need to blend new planks with the old, we're the experts you want on speed dial.

Give us a shout and let's get started on your floor's sanding and finishing renewal! We're ready to examine your situation and give you a fair quote. Just reach out—whether it's a call or a quick message—and PFI's friendly, skilled team is all geared up to partner with you on any hardwood floor need---especially refinishing in Renton.

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